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KAIYU by Ohki Beach is located in between the Shimanto River and Ashizuri Cape at the southern end of Shikoku Island.

Making a village, living together with nature gives some familiar feelings.

Welcome to the Kaiyu Inn, a natural, family-style guest-house in beautiful Tosashimizu, Japan.



Located right next to an broad, gorgeous beach, we offer a quiet place to relax and explore all that mother nature has to offer.

In fact, all of what we do here aims to not only be respectful of nature, but to celebrate the sights and smells and tastes of the land, sky, and sea.

Our accommodations include carefully reclaimed and renovated rooms in various modern styles,as well as our own originally designed spaces, all of which come with a spectacular view overlooking the beach.

A lot of care and attention to detail has gone into each room,with natural woods and fabrics set simply in their places to instill a sense of calm.




Our meals are family-style, drawing inspiration from the flavors of the sea, local cuisine and local artisans, and international styles as well.


Plenty of fresh vegetables and fish!


Meals are at set times and we'd prefer it if you joined our family and other guests downstairs at the table,though meals prepared to be eaten in your room are available upon request.




Last, and certainly not least, is our all-natural onsen.

We use no chemicals and fire with wood: it's more work, but we think you'll appreciate the difference.

The bathing areas are intimate, with natural wood, soft lighting, and special healing stones that have been brought in from ALL OF WORLD.

Everything about the onsen has been designed to help guests reconnect with nature.




And least we forget, the bathing areas share the same remarkable view of the beach and the sea.The Kaiyu Inn is a family operated affair, and we like it that way!


We like it when guests come for a few days,relax at the beach and in the onsen, and explore the natural world.As a family operation, we ask guests to be respectful of the space, of nature, and of our family.


Also, we don't allow smoking on the premises: we think that would ruin the pristine beauty of the fresh sea air.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We hope you will come and enjoy this place as much as we do. Thanks!



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Postcode:7870301 Tosasimizu-city Ohki 2777-12 Kochi-pref Japan ( KAIYU )
person in charge:Okada Mitsu
Tel:0880-82-8500 Fax:0880-82-8123


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